Inside Scoop: 24 Hours Left on this Kickstarter

The Inside Scoop is a series that chronicles the ups and downs of starting a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) apparel company from the middle of a pandemic.


Rachel dress in red and Eva bodysuit in cream


Y'all - Can you believe how quickly this campaign has flown by? We are so grateful for everyone's support throughout this, and this campaign has been SO interesting to us so far. You all know I like numbers, so with 24 hours left, let's throw some in here. 

  • 67% first time backers. This is AMAZING and we're so grateful that you all were willing to sign up for a whole other platform to support us
  • 30% of you are *technically* strangers to Heather and me, but you're now Frankly Fam forever. Thank you for putting your trust in us! 
  • 29 backers from Chicago. You guys repped the Midwest and are the city with the most backers! I would personally argue that Palo Alto, Stanford, and San Francisco should all be counted as one, but I digress.
  • 9,754 miles. Our farthest backer is from Australia, which according to a "how far is it between two points" website, is 9,754 miles from Chicago.

No one tells you that the middle of the Kickstarter can be kind of quiet, but Heather and I were grateful for some time for us to figure out more about our next steps. We're still getting our larger sizes - such a bummer that we didn't have these before the end of the campaign. This is something we want to make sure we have in the future, but we still stand by the decision to launch ASAP, ensuring the campaign wasn't going to run through the holidays.

We'll do a full post-mortem of the whole Kickstarter later (will likely include hairy fulfillment context), but for now - 


Pledge here to get your Frankly pieces. 

P.S. Did we mention that because we love you all so much, we're going to give you the stretch goal colors? 

sketch of Rachel in royal blue and Eva in black 

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