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Welcome to the first edition of our new blog, Speak Frankly! If you want to stay up to date with what is happening as we build our company, you've come to the right place.


First, Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are the small but mighty team here at Frankly. In the future, you can expect posts to come directly from one of the three of us. 

Heather Eaton

Heather Eaton

Heather is co-founder and CEO of Frankly. This company exists because she was tired of choosing between clothes that fit her waist or clothes that fit her chest. Setting aside her #bigboobproblems, Heather is a former management consultant from Deloitte, where she worked on everything from innovation-focused non-profits to movie studios. She found her passion for fashion doing product strategy at Rothy's. Heather is proud to be a born and raised Midwesterner who has acquired a strong taste for boba tea during her time on the West Coast. Catch her reading, painting, or hiking. 

Jane Dong

Jane Dong

Jane is co-founder and COO of Frankly. This company runs smoothly because Jane is here to keep us moving forward! Despite being part of the #IBTC, Jane still hates all bras. After graduating from Columbia University (where she played D-1 golf), Jane worked at Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker. When she realized paper storage company mergers weren't her jam, she joined Uber on the New Jersey team and eventually ran Uber Eats US & Canada Driver Acquisition. Besides being an Excel wizard, Jane is an amateur fighter (boxing) and an enthusiastic but mediocre cook. 

Eva Gonzalez

Eva Gonzalez

Eva is employee numero uno here at Frankly. She started her career as a buyer at Bloomingdales before moving into a planning role at StitchFix. Before Eva starts her MBA at Stanford, she is helping Frankly prepare for launch. That means everything from helping us figure out our returns policy to trend planning for 2021. You name it, Eva can do it -- all in addition to her new role as a puppy mom! 


Does the World Really Need Another Blog? 

I mean, NEED is a strong word. The world NEEDS to amplify BIPOC voices and overthrow racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic systems of oppression. The world NEEDS to take actionable steps to address climate change. (Will we be talking about how Frankly is addressing these issues and more on this blog? Yes we will - thank you for asking!).

The world doesn't NEED another blog, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't exist! Our goal is to make this blog helpful, informative, and entertaining. If we can do that for even a small portion of our community, we consider the time spent writing to be time well spent.  


What Can You Expect from Speak Frankly? 

Speak Frankly is designed to give you an inside look at what it's like to build an inclusive fashion brand as a female founding team. We will give you the scoop on what we are doing as we figure it out ourselves. You can also expect us to highlight other female founders and their companies, dive deep into the research that informs the Frankly business, and share a bit more about our own likes, dislikes, and development as people and leaders. 

If that sounds exciting, we hope you will follow along! New posts arrive at least once a week (maybe more!) . Our next post hits the interwebs on Wednesday. Check back to hear from Carolyn Straughan as she starts her role as CEO at Selfina. 


We look forward to this word journey with all of you. Until next time - in the words of the marvelous Mrs. Maisel - tits up!  




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