The 2020 Frankly Faves Gift Guide

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This was such a fun article for us to write! Jane had never heard of a gift guide, let alone read one. Heather, on the other hand, lives for the week before Thanksgiving when basically every outlet releases theirs. We hope that you enjoy our inaugural Frankly Faves Gift Guide. There's a little something for everyone - no matter your budget or recipient. Happy shopping! 



2020 has been their worst nightmare. No quality in-person time with the people they love most? Here's hoping 2021 puts dinner parties on the table (see what we did there?!) once more. 


pink and gold coupe drink glass

Heather's Pick: Anthropologie Waterfall Coupe Glasses ($16 each) 

I LOVE me some fancy glassware. It makes me feel incredibly grown-up and sophisticated, and it always merits a compliment. My BFF got me these beautiful oversized coupe glasses for my birthday a couple of years ago! I bring them out for 1:1 girls nights and it makes everything feel more special. Anthropologie has so many awesome glassware options. If this pink version isn't your style, check out the rest of their selection. 



slate cheeseboard with olives on top

Jane's Pick: Brooklyn Slate Co. Cheeseboard ($29)

Heather is the cheeseboard guru here, but I stole this suggestion because I literally thought of her! While we can't help you with your cheeseboard building, having a good base is a good place to start. These will make your cheeses, nuts, grapes, etc just look... better. The slate looks awesome and is easy to clean. Add a monogram if you're feeling fancy.




Wow, these people amaze us (we say as we open TikTok for the 12th time today)! It's our own mantra that we can always be growing as people. Whether that's learning a new skill, making healthier choices, or trying to be more conscious in your relationships with others, there are lots of ways you can support your friends in unlocking a new level in their development. Just make sure you are letting them be your guide regarding what they are working on. 


purple yoga mat partially unrolled

Jane's Pick: Jade Yoga Harmony Mat ($79.95)

As a workout junkie, I still find myself needing to just. lie. down. I use this yoga mat for that when I feel like just taking a small break and to do some stretching (my hips get so crazy from sitting all day!). BUT if you do decide to get into a downward dog, I've found that out of all the yoga mats I've tried, this one has the best grip. My sweaty paws need it. 


Three bottles of Lyre's non alcoholic spirits on a table

Heather's Pick: Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits ($35.99) 

If you're anything like me, this year involved a lot more drinking and a lot less movement. Not a great combination for health. After an allergic reaction, I decided to cut alcohol from my routine. But I LOVE the flavor combinations of cocktails, and substituting LaCroix every single time just wasn't the same. I've tried pretty much every major "non-alcoholic spirit" brand out there, and I am here to tell you that Lyre's is the best. They have a huge range of products, which means you can mix up even the most complicated cocktail recipes. And while Lyre's doesn't have the signature bite of real spirits, it does have a unique flavor that shines through mixers. If you're not sold on Lyre's, Ritual Zero Proof Tequila is my runner up!  




A friendly reminder that corporations and governments are the main cause of climate change. That being said, it is always a good idea to make more responsible choices in our personal lives. We may not be able to single handedly end pollution, but we can do our small part to save this wonderful planet we call home.


Stasher bags in various sizes and colors

Heather's Pick: Stasher Reusable Silicone "Ziploc" Bags ($8.00 - $30.00) 

Full disclosure, my husband hates these because I insist we wash them by hand! But they bring me joy, so they are on the list. I am on a mission to reduce (and hopefully eliminate!) single use plastics from my household. These heavy duty bags make such a difference. They are great in the freezer and I find they make my produce last much longer in the refrigerator, too. A win-win!


hand pushing soap dispenser


Jane's Pick: Blueland Handsoap Starter Set ($16)

These Shark Tank alum make such a cool product. Apparently, shipping cleaning supplies is insanely inefficient, since the bulk of them are water. Shipping the tablets helps with maximizing what can be sent via trucks and other transportation. Blueland's starter kit allows you to just fill your soap dispenser with water, drop one of their foaming tablets in, and magic! It's soap!  




Undoubtedly, this has been a difficult year for small businesses. While we can't offer our global Frankly fam truly local recommendations, here are a couple of our favorite offerings from small businesses far and wide. 


brown polka dotted soap with a striped straw

Jane's Pick: Boba Soap ($12)

I'm not going to lie, I never actually use the cute soaps that I buy, so I can't answer to how this actually will clean you. But they're so cute (and from a local California seller). Reviews say it actually smells very nice, but I wouldn't know, since mine stays on my desk. 


Hand holding a watercolor painting of a white house with red front door


Heather's Pick: Two Lace Shoes Custom Art  ($75 - $300) 

An insanely talented friend of mine from high school creates precious keepsakes in the form of custom watercolors. She will paint your pet, family portrait, or first home with love. I think this is such a thoughtful gift for someone special who has an important life change to commemorate from 2020! (Yes, we did just buy our first house and yes this is a hint to my husband...) 




Man, this is always so tough. Candles and gift cards are safe, but boring. Don't get us wrong - we love receiving both of these things! But if you want to do something a little more creative this year, consider these ideas.


gift basket with greenery and boxes and containers of Trader Joe's products


Heather's Pick: Build Your Own Trader Joe's Gift Basket

I am a die-hard TJ's fan girl! A lot of my family members live in more rural areas where they are deprived of the creative genius that is Trader Joe's. I love to hand-select my favorite items (and theirs, if I know them) from throughout the year and package them up in an inexpensive wicker basket. The great news is that you can scale the size of your assortment up or down depending on your budget. I usually write a little guide on why I like and how I use each item, which makes the gift feel oh-so-personal. A few of my go-to picks? I'm glad you asked! Try the mango shave gel, dark chocolate orange sticks, everything but the bagel seasoning, truffle marcona almonds, and brioche toasts.

marble pattern metal water bottle

Jane's Pick: S'well Water Bottle - 17 oz ($35)

Everyone needs to hydrate more, right? Also, there's something for everyone with these S'well bottles - if you want a solid color, some penguins, floral, or an abstract pattern, it's there! I personally love the Calacatta Gold (pictured). Keeping everything hot or cold for hours on end is great, in addition to the aesthetically pleasing bottles.



What are your must-haves - for yourself and others - this year? We'd love to hear what you're loving in the comments! 


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