VOTE: Why We Won't Be Working Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Election Day 2020, all Frankly employees have the day off.

Jane, thumbs up and wearing her I Voted sticker

Wait, isn't Frankly just you and Jane? Yes, yes it is...for now. But giving us both the day off to go participate in the democratic process is still an important commitment. It is easy to stray from your stated values in the early days of a startup when forward momentum is pivotal. We don't want to start our company that way. Jane and I want Frankly to grow - to bring more people onto the team - and we want them to know that we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.  

Making sure that our employees have the opportunity to vote without sacrificing financially or personally is important. So is giving them the chance to participate more extensively to make sure that others have that same opportunity. Tomorrow, I will be working as an election judge in Chicago from 5 AM until every last person in line when the polls close casts their ballot. 

Heather, holding election day handbook in RBG shirt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said that "women belong in all places where decisions are being made." Tomorrow, that means the voting booth. Participating directly in our democracy is both a right and a responsibility - it's also the best way to make sure you are represented by your government. Make your voice heard, and go vote tomorrow. Do so safely. Wear a mask, bring your hand sanitizer, and queue 6 feet apart. 



Heather, wearing a mask and her I Voted sticker at City Hall



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