A Change You Might Not Have Seen Coming

Dear Frankly Family,

It’s with careful consideration and heavy hearts (and terrific tits) that we’re writing to you about a major change to Frankly as you know it. 

Originally chosen for its candor, our brand name Frankly came from Gone with the Wind: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Because guess what? We don’t! We don’t give a damn that bras are “required,” or that boobs need to be harnessed and smushed, or that nipples are taboo. We’re done dancing around the topic—we’re here to speak frankly.

But we have faced difficulty since the beginning with the name ‘Frankly.’ Potential customers just don’t understand what we’re referring to. Investors keep interrupting our presentations to ask, “...why Frankly?” Some of our male customers (our core demographic) have the name Frank and have been threatening to sue. We had to come up with a solution.


We’re officially changing the name to BEWBLIFT. We’re proud to rebrand to reflect our product. When you wear BEWBLIFT, your boobs can be lifted up as high as your chin! But it’s not plastic surgery—it’s padding. We also hope our unique spelling will squeak by Insta and TikTok censorship just enough to stop being classified as porn on social media. (We’re begging you, social media, let us go viral just once!)

Thank you for supporting us through this change. We can’t wait to see you all sporting your BEWBLIFT out in the wild. Be sure to tag us at #BEWBLIFTBabe.

Your breast friends,

Heather & Jane

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P.S. April Fool's! 

We'll always be frank, and we'll always be Frankly.