To design clothing that works better for a wider range of women.


Empowering women to ask for more, starting with what we wear.


We’re here to make braless an option for more. Frankly supports women of all shapes and sizes with stylish, sustainable solutions sans the bra. So all cups can feel confident, supported, and uplifted. Frankly, it’s time.


Sometimes if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Our co-founders did just that.

Heather is a disproportionately large-chested woman, while Jane is a tall, small-chested woman. Both experienced different struggles over finding the right fit for their frames. And both wanted the freedom to wear any outfit and not worry about their cup size or bra. It’s a big (and little) problem that Heather and Jane wanted to solve. 

So they started talking...with anyone and everyone. Months of interviewing women about their clothes, bras, and relationships with their bodies helped shape the future of Frankly. Women wanted support yet couldn't wait to ditch their bras. So, how do you get both? Design with purpose. Make bra-less support the point of it all, instead of an afterthought. Challenge accepted. 


It’s what’s inside that counts. And lucky for you, that includes no bad built-in bra. You still get everything you want (and need) from a bra, without the limitations. Designed with larger cup sizes in mind, every Frankly style is centered around adaptable support structures constructed through innovative sewing techniques and high-quality fabrics. They lightly and naturally lift, secure, and shape your breasts, and even cover nipples without any extra bulky padding. We also know one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer more options to cover cup sizes A to G. 


Actions speak louder than words, right? So, here are some words to tell you about some of the actions we take to give your breasts the very best: 

All about Y-O-U: There’s no middle (wo)man here. We sell directly to you which saves time and money.

At long last: We utilize the Higg Index to source sustainable, high-quality materials and fabrics so your Frankly isn’t just some fling.

Home sweet home: Everything is made in the USA by ethical companies that are all about fair wages and safe work environments.

Green with envy: Our packaging is 100% recyclable plus we purchase carbon offsets to counteract our shipping impact.