We're Tired of Wearing Bras.

That's why our clothing does everything a bra can do -- without one.

We don't believe that women should have to sacrifice style for comfort. We also shouldn't have to spend time every morning thinking about what bra will work with the outfit we want to wear.  Our fashion-forward clothing lifts, shapes, and secures your chest while covering your nipples. All the benefits of a bra, none of the discomfort.

Think of us as a baby step towards a more braless future.

No More Bad Built-In Bras

We are not your 13 year-old self's camisole. We construct our garments so the benefits of a bra exist in the clothing itself, not in a separate layer. 

Shelf bras (or removable cups) no longer needed! 

For When Your Cups Runneth Over

Our clothing fits more than just a B-cup. From more nuanced chest sizing to extra support features, we design all our clothes with our busty besties in mind.

You can go braless, too! 

The Opposite of Fast Fashion

Frankly is proud to offer our clothing on a pre-order basis only. That means we make exactly the right number of pieces for every collection we launch.

Less waste is good for everyone, including Mother Earth!